It takes supporters. partners. participants. friends.

It takes a community ... join us!

Glenora Farm is a better place because of the incredible community of supporters that surround us and we are lucky to have many “friends of the farm.” We are looking for 100 new “friends of the farm”, individuals who are willing to commit to a $25 monthly donation for a year. 

Glenora Farm receives funding from the Government of BC, as well as individual / family trusts. However, our radically inclusive day and residential programs are dependent on the generosity of donors like you. Please consider helping us by committing to a monthly donation of $25 and challenge / or inspire your friends, coworkers, neighbours, and family to do the same. 

With warmth and appreciation,
Glenora Farm

What We Value


Everyone has a unique gift to give to the world, regardless of their level of ability, and each person plays an integral role in the community as a whole.

Capacity Building

Building our skills and abilities creates a sense of purpose, and helps every individual we serve to have an impact on the community and the world around them.


At Glenora Farm there is a place for each human being to unfold their potential, be seen for who they are, and to feel a true sense of connection and belonging.