Glenora Farm Workshop Products

Glenora Farm handwoven pillows are displayed for sale.

Glenora Farm Weavery

Beautiful, handcrafted weavery items, such as: tote bags, tea towels, bath towels, firewood carriers, notebook covers and more! Available for purchase at the Glenora Store and Cafe.
A stack of hand-dipped beeswax candles is displayed, with labels wrapped around each pair.

Glenora Farm Candle Workshop

Hand-dipped candles made with 100% pure beeswax. Glenora Farm candles are sold in various lengths and in either red or natural colors. Available for purchase online or at the Glenora Store and Cafe.
Some bottles of dried herbs and garlic powder.

Glenora Farm Herb Workshop

We produce a variety of teas, tinctures, ointments, oils and more, with plants grown on-site in our herb garden. Available for purchase at the Glenora Store and Cafe.