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Looking to volunteer in Canada? Join Glenora Farm as a Carrying Coworker or as a one-year volunteer.

Carrying Coworkers

The Glenora Farm Carrying Coworker group is comprised of folks who have committed to the community for three years or longer. This group is responsible for “carrying” Glenora Farm forward practically, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. We share the work of the farm and life together as a community of coworkers, neighbors and caregivers.

Carrying Coworkers come in all shapes and sizes: families, couples, singles, young folks and young-at-heart folks. All Glenora Farm Carrying Coworkers participate in our income-sharing community, receiving a monthly pocket money allowance and having their basic needs met (housing, food, etc.). We can discuss the particulars of this system during the application process. 

Our residential care homes are set up in the style of an extended family, consisting of: a set of House Coordinators, a couple of short-term volunteer Coworkers, a few Companions and (in some cases) children all sharing life together within the home. We all participate in typical household responsibilities, go on fun outings, celebrate special events, work together to navigate conflicts and share three meals a day around our big farm-style tables. 

Some of the possible roles for Carrying Coworkers include:

  • House Coordinators (running one of our residential care homes)
  • Farmer
  • Gardener (on our three-acre vegetable garden)
  • Workshop Leaders
  • Administrative / Office persons
A young family poses together under a tree. The woman is holding an infant in her arms.
Hi, we're Kyle and Nicole. We moved to Glenora Farm from Colorado a few years ago, arriving with no background with adults with special needs. We were drawn to Glenora Farm because of the "volunteer" lifestyle and the opportunity to live in a community setting. Now we run a house with our two young kids, working in the garden and in the home. Kyle has also taken on some administrative tasks. Our kids love the rural, forest setting (especially "tractors and trucks!").
Kyle and Nicole (and family)
House Coordinators since 2015

Short-Term Coworkers

Every year Glenora Farm accepts a group of volunteers to join us for one year to participate in our community and work life. It’s a great opportunity for those looking to volunteer in Canada, immerse yourself in a new culture and, of course, to explore the west coast of Canada and beautiful Vancouver Island, too! 

Short-term Coworkers live in one of our residential care homes (in their own bedroom) and receive room and board plus a small monthly pocket allowance. Volunteering with Glenora Farm is free.

Some responsibilities will include: support and personal care work with our residents, leading daily workshops in and around the farm (from outdoor work to art groups and cooking) and participating in the home life.

A young couple smile, the young lady has her arm around her partner's shoulder.
Hi, we are Seth and Valentina. We live in Germany and came to Glenora Farm for six months. We both love the community life! It is very special to be in a place where the focus is not on work, but on creating a meaningful life. In a very short period of time we have learned a lot, and I am sure there is still more to learn.

Another big bonus is that the farm is located on Vancouver Island - which is a beautiful place! We try to make the most of our days and weekends off, going with other coworkers on road trips to explore the island. Just the other day we found a beautiful hike only ten minutes away from the farm!
Seth and Valentina
Glenora Farm Short-Term Coworker 2018-2019

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