Farm and Animals

Glenora Farm is a working farm. We are currently raising a small herd of Dexter cows, and a not-so-small herd of East Friesian dairy sheep. We produce meat and wool for the community, and will soon add dairy.

The Farm Team
Our farm team, consisting of Companions and a few Coworkers, participate together in the basic farm duties, such as: feeding, fencing, mucking out stables, making compost heaps and a number of odd jobs. It is hard work, of course, but it’s good work and we love it.

Land Practices
We care for the land by rotating grazing pastures with our animal herds, growing our own hay, and by utilizing holistic and biodynamic farming approaches.

Lambs for Sale
Each spring we also sell some our registered, purebred East Friesian dairy ewes. They are a friendly breed that is easy to handle, making them great household dairy producers. To inquire about our sheep for sale, contact Kate at