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Home Life

Our residential care homes are set up in the style of an extended family, consisting of: a set of House Coordinators, a couple of short-term volunteer Coworkers and a few Companions, all sharing life together within the home. We all participate in typical household responsibilities, go on fun outings, celebrate special events, work together to navigate conflicts and share three meals a day around our big farm-style tables. Every residential Companion at Glenora Farm has their own bedroom.

We also believe that having a healthy social life is integral to the human experience. We routinely hold community gatherings and celebrations, and many Glenora Farm Companions participate in the Cowichan Valley Special Olympics program and other local groups and events as well.

A middle-aged woman sits on a rocky beach and looks to the side.
Hi, I'm Lisa. I have lived within this lovely community since 1993. I love living here because there’s always a friend when you need one and you’re surrounded by nature plants, trees and animals. I love to work in the Weavery and make scarves, baby blankets, ponchos and my specialty: bath towels. I also enjoy the Felting Workshop, where I produce pictures, and I love playing the Hand Bells. My favorite thing though is to create collages in my spare time, which eventually become cards for selling and are sold at our local store, events and markets.
Glenora Farm resident since 1993

Work Life

Every Companion at Glenora Farm participates in morning and afternoon workshops each weekday, working alongside other Coworkers and Companions. Generally, folks have a consistent morning workshop and then rotate through various activities in the afternoons. Our workshops range from farm work to meal preparation to artistic and musical activities. 

Every Companion has an active role in deciding which workshops they will participate in. Coworkers and Companions alike aim to grow and develop the skills required within their workshops. Some of our Companions have worked to become master weavers, excellent cooks, careful candle dippers and more.

We are so grateful that Kelly has been a part of this community since 2013. Every time she calls, Kelly is bursting at the seams to tell us something wonderful that has happened. The variety in her everyday experiences is quite amazing. Tedium and boredom are non-existent. Kelly tells us about the birth of lambs, her music therapy sessions, the visits to the lake, trips to the symphony, and nature hikes. She talks about how to recognize and use wild plants in recipes like stinging nettle syrup and how to improve soil quality to grow food at home. We love to hear about how Kelly helps with chores and farming and the pride she takes in selling her weavings at the store. She speaks fondly about the handbell choir, the plays, and the music performances that she takes part in. These contributions are a source of grounding and commitment and provide a parade of never-ending delicacies in which she dances. How many people can say that about their lives?
Kelly (written with her mother)
Glenora Farm resident since 2013

Day Program

Our Day Program runs from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Day Program participants work alongside other Companions and Coworkers in our various workshops, including: farm and garden work, artistic activities, weaving, candle dipping and more. 

The day looks as follows:
9:00 a.m. – Morning Workshop and snack
12:00 p.m. – Lunch Hour
1:00 p.m. – “Rest Hour” in one of our care homes (relaxing, board games)
2:30 p.m. – Afternoon Workshop and snack
4:30 p.m. – End of the program

A young woman laughs. She is wearing a bright red shirt and glasses.
Hi, I'm Allura. I ride the HandiDart to the farm each weekday. I'm part of the Herb Workshop in the mornings, doing things like drying garlic for powder and making teas. I also do some building projects around the farm, play the handbells with Chris and cook on Fridays. At rest hour I love to play games with Trish and other friends.
Glenora Farm day program participant since 2013

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