Current Openings

Coworker Position Openings

Updated: 08/04/21

  • House Coordinator – running one of our residential care homes (paid position)

  • Short-Term Volunteer Coworker – living in and supporting one of our residential care homes (volunteer position)

  • Backfill to fill in any gaps in coverage (paid position)

  • Quality Care Coordinator (paid position)

If you’d like more information on any of these openings, please email us today!

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Companion Openings

Updated: September 2021

Glenora Farm Full-Cycle (Residential) Program: 1 residential spot open as of September 2021
We have one residential program opening this fall. This is a full-cycle space within our community, living full-time in one of our care homes and participating in our daily workshops and community life. 

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