Current Openings

Coworker Position Openings

Updated: 04/27/21

Garden Field Hand Needed for Summer 2021 – Paid Position
The Glenora Farm vegetable garden crew is looking to add a field hand for the summer months (and possibly beyond). View the job posting here!

Two young women stand in a field of tall grass and flowers. They are holding baskets full of orange flower petals.

Companion Openings

Updated: February 2020 

Glenora Farm Full-Cycle (Residential) Program: 2 – 4 residential spots open as of summer 2020 
Glenora Farm is expanding soon! Upon the completion of our new farmhouse (summer of 2020) we’ll have a few residential spaces opening up. These are full-cycle spaces within our community, living full-time in one of our care homes and participating in our daily workshops and community life. 

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