Resourcefulness and Recycling in the Weavery

The Glenora Farm weaving team currently consists of 6 companions, 3 coworkers and 4 day volunteers. Every one of our two dozen different products is handmade and one of a kind. No step in the weaving process is motorized, from winding the bobbins to beating the weft into place. (We do however use a sewing machine)

Nothing goes to waste either. Our colourful throw pillows and tote bags are made using the bit and bobs of material that have been donated by people in the wider community. Every piece of yarn is salvaged, collected and reused as stuffing. Pillow and tote bag linings are made from donated fabric pieces. Warps ends are turned into carpets and handbags, and even the smallest woven cloth will find a purpose as card decoration or turned into a patchwork book cover.

Old newspaper and wallpaper find a new function when keeping the layers of warp separated that are rolled onto the back of the loom. It fills us with pride to turn discarded material into desirable products.

Donations of yarn are kindly accepted.

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