Raise the Roof Campaign

At the end of every year, the association puts together a Year End Appeal. This year, we have focused our efforts on the Big House- the inaugural house built in 1992. As Glenora Farm has evolved, the Big House has remained a residence but has also become home to the administration offices, the herb workshop, the library and the music room.

Glenora Farm needs your help to raise the roof by replacing the old shingle roof on the Big House with a new metal roof. We are also seeking to reduce our carbon footprint by adding a 32- panel (11.52-kilowatt) solar system to this new metal roof. This new system will generate about 11,950-kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in its first year, offsetting almost 30% of Glenora Farm’s electric bill. In 12-13 years (approximately halfway through the system’s minimum lifespan), these electricity cost savings will have completely paid off the initial cost of installation. Moreover, over the course of its minimum lifespan, this solar power system will generate an aggregate electricity savings of over $55,000. These savings mean that more funding can be directed towards enhancing programs and services for our Companions.

In 2021, Glenora Farm submitted an application to the Province of BC for a Community Gaming Grant to fund approximately 40% of the costs of this project (results are pending). Regardless of this outcome, Glenora Farm needs your help to cover (at least) the remaining 60%. With support from donors like you, this project will be started shortly after the New Year and concluded by July 2022.

If you would like to help Glenora Farm Raise the Roof, you can donate online or by mail.

Online: Please visit https://glenorafarm.org/donate/ and click “donate today” (remember to select “new roof for big house” from the drop-down menu and note any special directions in the private message field). Online donations of any amount will be provided with an automatically generated tax receipt.

By Mail: Please mail a cheque payable to “The Ita Wegman Association of BC for Curative Education and Social Therapy” or “The IWA.” Beside “memo” write “new roof for big house”. Mailed donations over $25 will be eligible for an income tax receipt. Glenora Farm 4766 Waters Road Duncan, BC, Canada V9L 6S9 (375 words)

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