100% Beeswax Candles


Hand-dipped beeswax candles in various sizes from the Glenora Farm Candle Workshop. These candles are made with 100% beeswax by residents of Glenora Farm.

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Glenora Farm hand-dipped tapered candles come in a handful of sizes and colours:
Sizes (height): 6″ – 9″ – 11″ – 13″
Colours: natural or red

Candle Dipping Process
At Glenora Farm we hand dip our candles in batches of 42 pairs at a time, using a custom-made hanging system on a revolving wheel. Our dippers rotate through the wheel, dipping each pair and hanging it up. By the time they reach the beginning, the candles have cooled enough to be dipped again. This process continues until the desired diameter is reached (often requiring a dozen or more rounds of dipping).

Candle-dipping is a fickle business. The temperature of the room and the wax are important, as well as the moisture-level in the room. The cooling period has to be just right between dips. And the dipping itself requires a lot of practice to keep everything level and uniform.

We are very proud of our candle team and the incredible candles they produce!

Additional information

Candle size

13-inch taper (pair), 11-inch taper (pair), 9-inch taper (pair), 6-inch wide taper (pair), 9-inch rainbow taper (single)

Candle color

red, natural


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Note: Some orders may take up to two weeks to fulfill if stock is low, but most orders ship within a few days. For special requests please email candleworkshop@glenorafarm.org.