We got 5 pigs during the May Long weekend, they are Ossabaw’s and are teenagers! We haven’t named them yet but have some ideas, any suggestions let Kate and Chris know! All the houses have a pig food bucket, pigs can eat pretty much any food that a person can. No onion/garlic/lemon peels, teabags, coffee grounds, meat or anything that would be impossible for a person to eat. If visiting the pigs please watch out for the electric fence and make sure you close the gate! Also, it’s a good idea to give your hands a good wash after visiting.

Some community thoughts about the pigs:

Aiden: The pigs are really happy in their new home. We’re happy to welcome them to the farm. Hopefully they won’t run away again!

Anja: I love pigs. They’re very important animals. They are one of the animals on the Chinese Zodiac and are very intelligent and similar to humans.

Darren: I think the pigs are hilarious and adorable! They kept us busy on the holiday Monday when they were running around in the garden. Luckily they are easily bribed with food! Jenny: Good Pigs!

Kandis: You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine.

Katrin: I love the pigs and I’m trying to figure out why their hair sometimes stands up on end. I saw it when Chris was petting them. With a dog it’s when they’re scared but the pigs didn’t seem scared.

Layla: Pigs are awesome!

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