Michaelmas Time! Michaelmas Time!

by Marie-Reine Adams

The festival of Michaelmas (September 29) comes as Autumn has just started. Nature is changing, drawing in. All the activity that has been above ground during the last few months now fades away and disappears seemingly. Nature dies away or goes to sleep.

Over the summer months we human beings, together with Nature have also been drawn out and very active outside, in many different ways. However now we cannot go to sleep as nature does, we need to experience a certain inner strength and stay awake inwardly. Nature and the human being have a lot in common, “Know yourself, know the world around you”, was the ancient Greek saying.

The Archangel Michael (pronounced Mi-ka-el) helps us to stay awake and fight the part in us that wants to go to sleep or wants to be dependent on habits, or just be comfortable at the expense of others. We have then the image of Michael and the dragon.

At Glenora Farm this year, we are singing some Michaelmas songs that talk about Michael. We will be having a celebration on the day itself in the afternoon followed by a tea with seasonal pies.

Part of this celebration will be a mime of a French legend: “The Devil’s Scythe”. It tells the story of how the people used to cut their hay with tailors shears. Only the devil knew how to use the scythe. However Michael found out about it and managed to have more scythes made and showed everyone how to use it! Many companions are involved in this, as peasants, blacksmith, a rascal of a farmer, Archangel… It is also lovely to have 2 devils this time Zoika and Benny the 2 children who have joined Helios. Some will be playing accompanying music with Annette.

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