Help Glenora Farm’s Herb Workshops Grow!

The Ita Wegman Association of BC for Curative Education and Social Therapy (Glenora Farm) is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of adults with complex developmental disabilities (Companions).

Day program “workshops” are a core aspect of life on Glenora Farm. These workshops help our Companions to discover talents, contribute to the farm/community, and develop applied life/vocational skills. One of the most popular workshops on Glenora Farm is the herb workshop.

During herb workshops, Companions cultivate, harvest, and process medicinal and culinary herbs. Through these activities, Companions develop their horticulture skills/knowledge, learn about the properties of the plants they work with, and work with masters and volunteers to create value-added products like salves/balms, tinctures, salts, teas, and seasonings. This meaningful participation helps Companions to build confidence, self-efficacy, and a sense of belonging.

The herb-based goods produced by Companions are sold to the public via the Glenora Farm Store, local markets, and event kiosks – which allows for a small amount of reinvestment in the program. These sales also help Companions to feel proud and accomplished, and affirm the value of their contributions – providing participants with an opportunity to give back to the farm.

Unfortunately, Glenora Farm does not receive any funding to improve or enhance our workshops. The small amount of money that is made selling workshop products (e.g. salts, teas, weavings, etc.) only covers a fraction of our workshop supply expenses. This means that Glenora Farm relies on our community for support when it comes to developing and expanding our workshops.

Some bottles of dried herbs and garlic powder.

Today we are seeking your help to grow our herb workshop.

Specifically, we are seeking donations to help purchase and install a greenhouse and garden shed; build raised garden beds; and purchase new tools/equipment for our herb workshops.

  • A greenhouse will enable Glenora Farm to extend our growing season into early spring and late fall – allowing our Companions to grow a greater volume and variety of plants (particularly during these “shoulder seasons”). The cost to purchase and install a greenhouse is estimated at $10,000.
  • A garden shed will keep our herb workshop supplies and equipment (including our special adapted tools) safe and out of the elements. The cost to purchase and install a garden shed is estimated at $1,430.
  • Accessible garden beds will enable Companions with physical limitations to safely and comfortably participate in growing and harvesting activities. The cost of the materials and labour necessary to construct raised beds is estimated at $4,700.
  • Glenora Farm is currently in need of new hand trowels, garden forks, wheelbarrows, pruning shears, hoes, saws, and gloves as well as four gardening stools for Companions unable to stand or kneel for planting/weeding/harvesting activities. These tools and supplies are essential to the daily operations of our herb workshops. The cost of this equipment is estimated at $675.

These new amenities will make Glenora Farm’s herb workshop more productive, more sustainable, and more accessible for our Companions. Your contribution will help Glenora Farm offer a richer and more rewarding workshop experience for our Companions for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about Glenora Farm, our herb workshop, and how your donation can help with any or all of these much-needed improvements, please contact Dominica Dorazio at or 250-715-1559.

If you would like to donate to Glenora Farm, click here. Please note: If you would like to specifically support this herb workshop improvement/expansion project, make sure to select “herb garden project” under the “fund” dropdown.

If you would prefer to mail in your contribution, please send cheques payable to The Ita Wegman Association of BC for Curative Education and Social Therapy to 4766 Waters Road, Duncan, BC, V9L 6S9.

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