Glenora Farm Store and Café Under New Ownership

A long-standing landmark of the Glenora community, The Glenora Farm Store and Café, is now open under new ownership.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Glenora Farm Store and Café was owned and operated by the Ita Wegman Association of BC for Curative Education and Social Therapy, the charity that runs “Glenora Farm” – a residential community and day program provider for adults with developmental disabilities (“Companions”). The hardships of the pandemic made the continued operation of the Glenora Farm Store and Café unviable for the organization and the decision was made to lease out the building to MRAF Holdings Inc.

While the property at the intersection of Glenora, Indian, and Marshall Roads remains under the ownership of the Ita Wegman Association of BC for Curative and Social Therapy, the store is now independently operated by MRAF Holdings Inc. Under this new arrangement, the store will continue to carry agricultural products (fresh vegetables, and meat) and handmade goods (weaving, candles, dried herbs/teas, salts, pre-made meals, etc.) grown and made on Glenora Farm. The sales of these items will help offset the costs of providing empowering recreational activities for Glenora Farm’s Companions. The establishment will continue to sell gas/diesel, household staples, and convenience items while also offering a café menu for dine-in and take-out.

Contact Information:
Tara Batho (Glenora Farm Business Administrator):

MRAF Holdings Inc operating as Glenora Farm Store & Café

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