Glenora Farm – A Place Like No Other

(this article appeared in the December 2018 edition of the Cowichan Valley Voice, it was written by Lucinde Metcalf)

Nestled deep in the woods of Glenora is a remarkable place like no other. Glenora Farm sits on 96 acres of peaceful pasture, marsh and woodland, and is a life-sharing community where adults with special needs live and work alongside caregivers who have chosen this way of life. There are five households in the community where people live, plus a thriving day program which includes such workshops as gardening, animal husbandry, herb processing, weaving, candle dipping, felting, sustainable forestry and cooking in each of the houses. There are a few ‘companions’ who come to us from the greater community Monday to Friday for the day program, but we are hoping to grow that number. 

The biodynamic garden produces fresh vegetables and flowers; not only to provide for each of the houses, but also for a small but thriving CSA box program. Those in the herb processing workshop harvest herbs from our own herb garden and turn them into beautifully packaged oil infusions, ointments and salves, delicious herbal teas and herb salts. The candle workshop is busy producing sparkly birthday candles and small Christmas tree candles, as well as red Advent candles and an assortment of simple beeswax candles in various sizes. 

Most well-known, perhaps, is our weavery, located at Glenora Corners beside the Glenora Café. The weavery produces a steady stream of wonderfully colourful tea towels, bath towels, scarves, bags, blankets, table runners and shawls, as well as firewood carriers for the winter months. 

All these products will of course be available at our Christmas Fair, December 16th, beginning at 11:00 a.m. and ending with a concert by our famous handbell choir at 4:00 p.m. 

These products, however, are simply the end result of a deeply therapeutic approach to various life skills, tasks and social work. The community as a whole has a single initiative; to create an enriching life of purpose, joy and social connection for the people we look after, and for each other. This therapeutic pursuit is as present for those who work in the barn with our sheep and cattle, or in the forestry workshop tending the surrounding woods and making firewood, as it is for those cooking and cleaning in each house or working in our small felting workshop, chatting and creating fairy-tale-themed woolen balls. If you are interested in learning more about our day program or coming for a tour, please Contact Us.

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