Friends of the Farm – Chris Buckland

You know those people that you meet and you feel like you have known them forever? That is exactly how we felt when Chris Buckland came for a week visit to Glenora Farm this spring – it was like he had always been part of our community. Although farm work and rural life were new for Chris, he rose to the occasion and took on workshop tasks with full vigor; to an outsider it would appear that Chris has been doing such work and living on a farm for most of his life – what a contrast from his life in Vancouver, taking public transit, working at a school part-time as a dish washer, and living an urban life style.

We all had a sense that Chris could accomplish any task or goal that he set his mind to. However, no one here at the Farm could have predicted the huge undertaking that Chris would endeavor to complete shortly after his one-week visit at Glenora Farm.

On May 12 th Chris walked 64 km (!!!) along the Lochside Trail and back as a fundraiser for Glenora Farm. His goal was to raise enough money so the Farm could “have a wheelbarrow, some forks and other tools, and other things they (Glenora Farm) might need.” He left his sister’s home at 6 am and returned at 10 pm, what an incredible feat! Here at Glenora farm, we had no idea that Chris was taking on this challenge until after he had completed his walk.

When asked about the walk Chris had this to say:
“I loved the walk and feel very honoured to be part of the community, the farm and everyone on the walk.  I met lots of people on my walk.  A bike club helped me, everybody was cheering me on, people gave me donations, cookies, and carrots.  A police officer stopped me and I told him I was special needs and fundraising for Glenora Farm.  He supported me and took a photo with me.  My sister walked the last 9km with me. The last part was really painful.  I could hardly walk.  At the end, people were there cheering me on.  The next day I felt really sore but I am proud that I did it, 64k!”

Chris’s walked raised a total of $2079 his legs may have been sore but it seems that his heart was full of joy knowing what a difference he made, not only in raising money but, in raising awareness for our programs, our work, and our community.

Chris, on behalf of Glenora Farm, Companions, Coworkers, and Staff we are so proud of your accomplishment and cannot thank you enough for what you did we feel so blessed to consider you a true friend of the Farm.

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