Favourite Memories from 2022

Lambing is always a highlight here and it was a very successful year this year! It was great that

Erez and Gili finally arrived after years of waiting and we are very happy to have them here. I am happy that Martha has finally been able to retire – even though she is still involved with some things! Kandis’s first garden season was very successful, I think. The new garden fence is

finally complete, which is definitely a highlight for the garden. Candle workshop is running again

after a long while of lying dormant.


Some of my highlights for the year were Carnival, enjoying evening with my house (whether it was Deerholme or Corwyn), and dance parties!! One of the biggest events of the year was no doubt the move from Corwyn to Deerholme. It has been an entirely different shift in energy that I welcome wholeheartedly. Cheers to another year of dancing and friendship!


My Favourite memory was watching the Bell performance at 39 days of July. Second Favourite is when the office staff got to go play in dirt pulling carrots in the garden during Michaelmas, best day EVER at work for me.


Quite a few to mention! Summer brought lots of fun, such as the Lake Cabin holiday, 39 days of

July, haying, worker bees, Bo’s wedding… I was also lucky enough to be visited by my parents and some friends. Showing them around the farm and Vancouver Island was so much fun. Opening the candle workshop was a new challenge, which I really enjoyed – thank you to everyone who helped in the workshop and late into the evening to get this going! Watching the Cow-op video was ridiculously funny and we had been waiting many months for it to be released! Christmas with Deerholme and Farmhouse was a pleasure and there was such a fun vibe. Of course, any community gathering that involves food is always a highlight for me!


I had a rich, rewarding and fulfilling year at Glenora Farm in 2022! I am grateful for the inner strength, inner warmth and inner light that have been growing in me and in the whole community!


Christmas, eggnog, nail polish, Lake Cabin. Katrin nice woman.


Welcoming Erez, Gili, Yotam, and Yuval to the farm, and all the help they gave, harvesting all that garlic, and teaching me Hebrew😊


Thomas the dog visiting Corwyn house quite often. Getting letters from Leander and Hendrik.


Carnival in Corwyn house… and not everyone knows this but Corwyn folks kept dancing and

partying after all the guests were gone… it was very relaxed and truly fun, and not far to go to

our beds once we got tired. House holiday – eating out, sitting in the hot tub.. Cold dips in

Corwyn pond with Beet last winter. Too far to go for both of us now, so I am planning to get a tub

to put by Peter’s cabin.. as the pond in the forest does not look very appealing at all. And getting everyone including cats moved to Peter’s cabin- it did take a while for us all to properly settle in, but we love it now! Another one – seeing elk so often and close to Corwyn house on the half moon field.


The candle workshop! I like candles, my favourite is the candle workshop!


It was a beautiful, but a little bit cloudy, winter day. Last night, a few centimeters of snow fell

down the sky and everybody was fascinated by how nice everything looks 🙂 A short and

“songful” greeting at the morning meeting and lets go to the workshops .. but wait? – the

schedule did not tell us, where to go, so we joined the Fun Farm Friday. Almost everybody was

there and after some nice cuddles with Tess and feeding the animals, we decided to shovel some snow. Completely out of breath, Jenny asked for a break in Herbs. So Cara, Jenny and myself went through the paths we created to the herb workshop to regenerate our energy 🙂 As prepared as I am, I had a little box with some hot chocolate powder with me. Like everything, it was not possible to hide it from Jenny, so I made her a nice and hand-warming cup of hot chocolate. We sat down in the rest area and because of a lot of laughing and reading a lot of Disney and Christmas stories, the time passed and workshop was “almost done”. “There we go”, that is how the once in a time hot chocolate workshop was created.


I have a collection of beautiful moments from this year that I will treasure going forward. One of my favourite moments was gathering for the Michaelmas celebration. The nature mandala was

special, and each person contributed to it to make something beautiful. Witnessing Yotam and

Yuval making their first snowman was wonderful and ignited a child-like spirit in me. Of course, I

had to run down from the office and join them in a snowball fight! I also had many moments of

conversation and witnessing joy that made me continue to appreciate what Camphill is all about.

Happy holidays to all, Ho Ho Ho!


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