Glenora Farm Advent Calendar

Glenora Farm wishes a happy advent season to all of our incredible Friends of the Farm. Each Sunday throughout the Advent season, we will share a new video from our community to yours. 

Your Donations at Work at Glenora Farm!

A $25 Donation Provides:

  • Radish seeds for a year
  • Two garden hand trowels
  • One pail of micronutrients for homemade potting mix for garden
  • Oats for cover cropping
  • 6 pairs of gardening gloves
  • 6 replacement screens for dehydrator trays
  • 1 year supply of basil seeds for herb workshop
  • 1 year supply of lavender seeds, for tea production
  • Kitchen scale for herb production
  • 15 plant starter containers
  • 75 bulbs of Iris mix, for estate workshop
  • 100 bulbs Spring Blend (to attract pollinating species)
  • Spool of wick for candle workshop
  • 6 months of labels and packaging to sell our products

A $50 Donation Provides:

  • Leek seeds for a year
  • A yearly supply of fall rye for cover crop
  • One bag of alfalfa meal for cauliflower crop
  • 1 Garden hoe
  • 5 pack of replacement metal trays for the dehydrator, herb workshop
  • 3 months of packaging for teas
  • 1 sprinkler for the herb garden
  • New hotplate for candle workshop
  • 1 Folding craft table, used in fine art workshop, music workshop, garden & herb workshop, recreational programs
  • Vendor Fees for Markets to sell our produce
  • A month supply of barley for 20 sheep and 9 cows
  • 1 Manure Fork

A $100 Donation Provides:

  • Salad Mix seeds for a year
  • 2 rolls of paper weed barrier mulch
  • 1 soil sample- used in determining soil nutrient needs
  • 6 months of herb/tea packaging
  • 6 non-stick drying sheets for the dehydrator
  • 4 kg wax, which is approximately 3 weeks supply
  • Starter supplies for launching new product line of beeswax wraps in the candle workshop
  • A wheelbarrow for garden, estate, herb, farmer, forestry workshops

A $250 Donation Provides:

  • Year supply of pea, bean, tomato, squash seeds
  • Year supply of organic soil amendments
  • 6 months of replacement hand gardening tools
  • Aluminum drum graters used in our cooking workshop and herb workshop (for Companions with limited hand mobility.) We require a total of three, two for cooking workshop and one for our herb workshop.
  • Anti-fatigue mat for candle workshop
  • 360 bulbs mixed daffodils to attract pollinator’s
  • 330 foot roll of pasture fencing
  • 25 cedar or steel fence posts
  • Shearing for our flock of East Friesian Dairy sheep
  • 1 Individual handbells, 2 nd Octave for our handbell Choir program

A $500 Donation Provides:

  • Breeding ram Seed potatoes for a year
  • Full-field-length of impact sprinklers and associated assembly parts
  • Cover crop seed for a year
  • Annual lime requirement for balancing pH in the garden field
  • Floor renovation for candle workshop
  • 2 Individual handbells, 1 st Octave
  • 25 kg of wax for 6 months of candle dipping
  • 3 months of weaving materials, to create tea towels, bath towels, tote bags, notebook covers, scarves, pillows. We sell these products at markets, online, and in Glenora Store and Café to help offset the Weaver Workshop material costs.
  • Providing lighting for all pathways and common areas on campus.
  • Additional tables, storage and designated garden workspace areas to Harvest Hall. This will enable us to expand the number of Companions in the garden workshop, while maintaining COVID19 health and safety protocols.

A $1000 Donation Provides:

  • Renovation of the artisan workshop, improved lighting, hand washing station, tables, room dividers for multiple artisan programs
  • Moving forward in the dairy parlour project, welding the milking stand, washable polyboard wall panels for the milk holding room, construction wages. This farm workshop will provide vocational husbandry skills for five Companions and will create a reliable stream of revenue that will offset workshop expenses.
  • 1/3 of our total annual garden workshop seed purchase
  • One new field caterpillar tunnel (small hoophouse)
  • Replacing and expanding existing root cellar
  • 6 months of weaving materials for our weaver workshop that creates products that we sell to offset workshop costs, as well it supporting the development fine motor skills for our Companions
  • Improve accessibility to our largest licensed care house “The Big House, this would include two new sets of stairs with handrails and folding ramps.
  • One year supply of performing costumes for 15 -20 participants in the choir, handbells, and dramatic arts.
  • Refurbishment service for our existing handbell set, tuning check, inspection, polish casting, etc.

The Glenora Farm Community Thanks you!